“who wants to be a millionaire” and ”who wants to be creative english teachers”

Another creative idea on how to make power point a better way to make teaching and learning more cheerful and meaningful.

We came up with a ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ game like. We produced ‘who wants the Money, Money, Money, Money!!’.

This game is based on the ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ game but we modified it to be Money based game, and of course it focuses on the money concept for lower primary children.

We creatively added more interesting colours and understandable instructions so that the children could understand the game and enjoyed themselves which lead to learning.

We suited the game’s questions with their level and relate them to the real world situation so that the could learn and apply their knowledge.

Accomplish this task was not too easy for us. Lots of time were spent, energy, and sacrifices were needed. But, my team was superb. We have high understanding and commitment and we did this task in positive mode.

Presenting the game in class was a great achievement for us. It was another challenge that we managed to encounter successfully. Receiving feedback from the other groups really boosted our morale to do better in future. We really learn from others on how to use power point more creatively and add up our ideas in teaching language to the children efficiently.

More sharing of ideas on providing innovative learning and teaching surely beneficial to all of us..Thank you guys for giving us magnificent presentation and exposure!!

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KerPoof It Is!

KerPoof really attracted my attention….

The reasons are :-

–       help the pupils to make pictures, movies, and many more.

–       uses many colours and wonderful characters.

–       Teachers could make movies or pictures and save it in the inventory.

–       it have  lesson plans files and could be used to teach the pupils.

–       it is user friendly for children where they can explore KerPoof and become creative by producing their own materials as the result of the lesson conducted.

–       Teachers can integrate technology into multiple subject areas: Science+English+Art

–       uses simle language that allow pupils to understand better thus allow them to use KerPoof efficiently.

–       provide fun for the pupils as part of learning.

–        encourage discussions among their friends, develop interactive learning.

BUT…even though I really like KerPoof, there are some elements that should be considered before implementing this in a classroom teaching and learning activity in order to ensure the learning is affective.

The drawbacks:-

–       need internet connection : not all schools able to use this application.

–       could be time consuming, need to wait for a application to work and resume to others.



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TPAC – something new?

TPACK – Technological Pedagogical Content knowledge.

Year 4,

Mixed level of proficiency,

Topic : occupations

Language focus : vocabulary

Teaching aids : laptop, projector, power point, song, worksheet

To begin the lesson, i played the ‘People Song’ and let the children guess the topic of the day, this was to arouse the children interest and attention.

Ffor this lesson, i’m using power point to introduce and enforces new vocabularies (occupations) to the pupils. The children were very excited to see the images that they never seen before and i asked them to name the characters and that make the children involved in the lesson and make them related to the topic. i discusses the duties, workplace, and uniforms for every occupations.

I distributed worksheets and instruct them to answer to test their understanding and to help the pupils to be familiar with the occupations and descriptions that had been taught. then i discusses the answers with them.

For post- i asked the pupils to write about their ambition and state why they wanted to be that particular person or occupation, then i called a few of them and asked them to read aloud to their friends. positive feedback given to them. This would help the pupils practice speaking English and reasoning skills.

To close the lesson, i distributed the ‘People Song’ lyrics and let all the pupils to sing along the song and integrates moral values and make sure that it would be a meaningful lesson to the pupils.

This is how i integrated TPAC in my teaching and learning activities…and i certainly think that we used TPAC without we knew that this term existed. I surely believes that TPAC is very vital and suited the new generation education.

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my wishes?? hhhmmmmm……

ICT and what i wished..have 10

1. Most basically ALL schools should have electricity even the ones in rural areas

ALL children and teachers would gain tons of benefits not only could implement ICT in schools…

2.Each teacher given a laptop and the pupils provided with an E – Book

the teacher and pupils could have effective teaching and learning environment..positive result could be seen thoroughly.

3. Provide teachers courses to enhance their ICT level of knowledge and provide children with basic knowledge on using the E-Book

Both teachers and the pupils could integrate technology in their daily life especially in school. The knowledge would expand their mind and provide motivation to use technology in executing tasks.

4. Involving parents in children development through exposing them to ICT and the benefits that their children would encounter in future

Ensure that parents took part in school activities and monitor their children development and one of the way is provide courses for the parent so that they could play active part in ensuring the children are on the right track to achieve their goals.

5. Every schools should be provided with Internet access

Internet would expose the children with many information and ways to learn better to suit their needs. Positive environment enhances as there are internet access in schools. Teachers and school staffs could organize the school and children efficiently.

6. Conduct Information Sharing between teachers and school through out the world on integrating  technology in teaching and learning activities

Information sharing allows teachers to produce methods which are suitable for the children and share experiences. This brainstorming activities would make the teachers to broaden up their view and encounter all the drawback occurred in today’s teaching profession.

7. Develop curriculum that allows the use technology in teaching and the ICT equipments are provided to ALL schools

Excuses such as “this school have no facilities at all” or ”there are many computers and LCD s, but i cannot use even one ”. This could be done if the authority and the administrator take this phenomenon seriously and make this a compulsory effort for the new generation sake.

8. Organize ICT competitions among schools

This is to istill positive competetive element that would contribute to positive development among schools.

9. Recognize teachers , pupils and schools that integrated ICT in their teaching and learning sessions to the fullest

Appreciation through recognition should be held monthly or annually in every schools so that they know that they do make differences in this world!

10. Last but not least..ALL of us join hand in hand in making ALL our Wishes a REALITY…



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Is there ICT in my practicum days?

I was in  a school in Cheras. I taught standard 4 English and standard 3 mathematics. Both class was very weak in English. So, i need to find ways to make them understand better. ICT was one of the ways that came cross my mind.

The first week of schooling, i adjusted with the school lifestyle and recognized the teachers who would guide me to went through the whole practicum days. As i wanted to use the LCD and other ICT instruments, i found that i need to take it from the school store that situated pretty far away from my class. i checked my time table and i found out that there was no insufficient time for me to tale the ICT materials to my classroom in time. to overcome that, i need to ask the teacher that was teaching before me to end up their session early or i would took a long time to set up the class. both ways were not practical at all at the moment in my mind.

There must be another way to apply ICT in teaching and learning activities…then i taught of using computer lab or Bilik Membaca which could manage my 30 -40 pupils to study well. then there came the problem again. First, the room was far away from the classrooms. it took about 10 – 15 minutes to handle the pupils to que and walk carefully to the rooms without hurting themselves as all of them loves to run anywhere they go and it would take time to make them sit properly in the room as they tend to play. Secondly, the rooms were always full as there were too many practical teachers about 21 of them used the rooms actively. So, i decided to use other materials that i learned to teach the pupils.

I succeeded to go through my practical very well but i certainly could d o better if the school could provide a LCD in every class and more ICT materials that could be accessed easily by the teachers. Then the pupils could have various style of learning and be better.It was a very good experience and i will cherish it in my mind and heart…

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Hello world!

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Since that I was introduced to e portfolio and
windows live, I realized that this form of communication had been used widely
among other users also. I acknowledge that the principle of the e-portfolio is
similar to the traditional portfolio. The main difference is the way students’
work is collected and compiled. When the e portfolio is in use, students’ work
is collected and made accessible on the World Wide Web.

In addition, information
in the e-portfolio can be presented in graphics, videos, sounds, images, text,
or any other ways. This really gives us the advantage of expressing ourselves
better as we could use all sorts of ways. Another exciting part of the
e-portfolio is that their friends can give comment directly to them.  We could share our opinions and gain benefits
from others.

The most important part that gives impact to me is that the e portfolio
consists of “teachers’ comments and feedback” where the students can reflect
and write their journals or reflection based on what they experienced all day
or throughout the week. Even after completing certain tasks. I could detect my
weaknesses and strengths through the lecturers’ comments. Students also can add
a hypertext link to the materials they have read and shared with all their
friends. This really gives the students the idea of sharing and this way, they
can communicate easily.

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